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Unleashed Fear | New Online Mafia Game

Unleashed Fear | New Online Mafia Game: Unleashed Fear is an online mafia game.

You start out as a nobody, you commit small time crimes and jack worthless cars in order to get by.
You'll eventually start trafficking drugs from one city to another or maybe trade some stocks to grab a quick buck.

Once you've made your way up you'll start practise shooting on NPC's and Bosses, compete with other gangsters on obtaining kill and rewards.

Eventually you'll have to decide to become part of a mafia family or to start your own.
This is no easy decision as you'll be bound by blood to the family you choose to join or start.

You'll be fighting family wars to conquer cities over other families and much much more!
Average Rating: 1.00/10.00
Number of Ratings: 2



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