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Stock market

Stock market: The Stock Market Game will test your skills in strategies to build companies, hire staff and work on the companies to level them up, get board members (other players) and see the company grow every day.

You will hire new staff that will produce income, get boosts from board members and get your company as fast as possible to level 15. This is where you can convert your companies to a business park, invite other players to the business park and make grow to level 50 to win the game.

Are you good enough to win? You may already be the best!
Average Rating: 6.42/10.00
Number of Ratings: 36



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ID:37296 :: Posted By: Aaradhya :: On 22 Oct 2:10:52 pm

Nice game
ID:20462 :: Posted By: banjo :: On 12 May 9:52:14 am

Ever wanted to play stock market in RPG? there it is...
ID:16635 :: Posted By: Cool! :: On 26 Feb 11:55:59 am

Great game! Stock and shares goes nicely like real life, new features are coming in every week! Very cool and if you like stocks you would love this game.
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