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Omerta: Omerta at www.barafranca.com is the Godfather of Mafia games - 4.5 million registered players, online since 2003 - and with a huge active player base. Come and check out the best-designed Mafia themed game on the web! 100% free-to-play since day 1 and still rolling!

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ID:57480 :: Posted By: trolololo :: On 15 Aug 3:19:55 am

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ID:56992 :: Posted By: girl :: On 4 Feb 4:50:44 am

ID:54945 :: Posted By: Ekha :: On 13 Oct 2:01:47 pm

Helen: I'm not a fan' of Assange. I support what he does. There's a<a href="http://uwlcrvwdass.com"> dencireffe</a> between his person and the results of his radical work. The problem here is not that the personal is political but that the political has been personalised so that the merest hint of interpersonal impropriety is taken as evidence of Assange's bad faith. And that, of course, without even a judicial decision. This entire discussion was initiated by my comment of gleeful support for Assange's declaration of an intention to stand for the senate. This appears to up the ante for both domestic pollies and the yanks. Where will our foreign minister, the one who campaigned so hard against a bill of rights and for the benefits of the protection of the common law, come down on this? How will he respond if the yanks have rendered an Australian citizen who is seeking office or who is in office? And so on. Whether or not that initiative succeeds now is not the issue here. The point is that I was castigated for supporting Assange because because it is apparently unseemly to offer political support of any kind for a man who has been accused of sexual impropriety with a woman notwithstanding the extremely murky circumstances in which the allegation was advanced, withdrawn, resubmitted, dare I say it, conspiratorially designed in the first instance. And notwithstanding the now well documented attempts by one of the complainants to remove evidence that goes to undermine her complaint. It reeks. Mercurius: I accuse you of suffering from dick pride envy. NB: everybody else I cited Brendan O'Neill because that's the level to which discussion of this issue has sunk. If you don't want Brendon O'Neill sneering at you don't give him the ammunition.
ID:54900 :: Posted By: Tadayasu :: On 13 Oct 4:08:48 pm

Thanks Joe and Katz It's not hard to find government prgamors, including some that have been well-intended, that performed poorly, but it seems that this one has been one of the standouts. If for example, you calculate the total savings to the 1.2 million households by 2020 using the modelling, you get a figure of $4.019773m. If you allow a 6% bond rate for the $2.4bn program cost, you get $4.0574million so nearly break even on this measure alone. We don't know exactly how much tax was paid or welfare forfeited by unskilled people who were employed as a direct or indirect consequence of the program but I'd be surprised if the program wasn't well into the black when that is factored in. It was in practice a stimulus program.Then there are the environmental benefits and, as we saw above, the value to the system of moderating peak demand. Part of the program cost reflected the need to check a large number of premises for electrical and fire safety. That's not something that would otherwise have been done, but again it was useful. It seems that more than 114,000 premises had some problem that needed correction not surprsing given the age of the stock. Governments tend not to get anywhere near as much credit for preventing problems as solving them, and we will never know precisely how many life-threatening incidents this has averted, but undoubtedly, we will see fewer emergency call-outs per premise, less property damage and fewer fire-related injuries. Neither side has an interest in reviewing this program further, but it would be interesting if one occurred.
ID:50598 :: Posted By: Joseph :: On 9 Jul 10:27:49 am

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ID:27134 :: Posted By: apocuk :: On 15 Sep 12:22:59 pm

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ID:27111 :: Posted By: sansasyon :: On 14 Sep 7:09:52 pm

yalakalik yapak biraz
mermi icin
omerta is good
ID:26890 :: Posted By: SAGE RULES :: On 30 Aug 11:06:56 am

ID:26228 :: Posted By: jimboy :: On 14 Aug 3:28:20 pm

sana GM bigyan moko ng 49 coin lang po
ID:25872 :: Posted By: sumit :: On 27 Jul 8:47:50 pm

ID:25838 :: Posted By: bigtitan :: On 24 Jul 7:41:55 am

great game loads of fun simalar to original gangster
ID:25733 :: Posted By: clarinho :: On 18 Jul 10:38:47 am

ID:25536 :: Posted By: nxdb :: On 6 Jul 11:00:14 am

ID:25463 :: Posted By: EasyLikeABC :: On 2 Jul 2:57:49 pm

5 stars
ID:25296 :: Posted By: a.f.a.f :: On 18 Jun 2:29:20 pm

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ID:25284 :: Posted By: Baas1 :: On 17 Jun 10:05:46 am

ID:25248 :: Posted By: Danqerousboy :: On 13 Jun 10:38:59 am

ID:25241 :: Posted By: atar :: On 13 Jun 3:15:48 pm

ID:25229 :: Posted By: l :: On 12 Jun 6:18:25 pm

nice 1
ID:25120 :: Posted By: natalu¶ :: On 30 May 1:43:16 pm

ID:25036 :: Posted By: Mavisakal :: On 21 May 12:02:12 pm

Beatifull game numberone
the omerta nice
ID:24991 :: Posted By: stoof :: On 16 May 12:16:17 pm

excellent jeu
ID:24973 :: Posted By: Elizabeth :: On 15 May 5:26:06 pm

woow shit
ID:24910 :: Posted By: berk :: On 7 May 2:41:48 pm

good omerta
ID:24909 :: Posted By: trewt :: On 7 May 12:25:57 pm

ID:24876 :: Posted By: oo7 :: On 4 May 3:19:46 pm

ID:24858 :: Posted By: anus :: On 2 May 10:34:48 am

ID:24808 :: Posted By: sweer :: On 28 Apr 5:23:17 pm

ID:24777 :: Posted By: bob :: On 24 Apr 4:19:08 am

it was a pretty sweet game
ID:24747 :: Posted By: femke :: On 20 Apr 12:54:47 pm

great game
ID:24725 :: Posted By: TheKahin :: On 17 Apr 9:12:15 pm

ID:24692 :: Posted By: akis :: On 13 Apr 1:45:50 am

ID:24666 :: Posted By: TheKahin :: On 10 Apr 10:35:03 am

great wondefull
ID:24649 :: Posted By: TheKAhin :: On 8 Apr 8:38:43 pm

ID:24647 :: Posted By: mishela :: On 8 Apr 7:37:09 pm

numbeer 1
ID:24646 :: Posted By: asgsagag :: On 8 Apr 6:48:28 pm

ID:24632 :: Posted By: akiskali :: On 6 Apr 10:45:31 pm

best one...
ID:24625 :: Posted By: delted :: On 5 Apr 6:51:40 pm

amazingly addictive
ID:24618 :: Posted By: dfhdfn :: On 4 Apr 10:04:22 am

ID:24611 :: Posted By: asf :: On 3 Apr 1:25:44 pm

ID:24604 :: Posted By: ndre :: On 3 Apr 7:40:16 pm

very good game
ID:24601 :: Posted By: opo :: On 3 Apr 4:06:41 pm

ID:24592 :: Posted By: wraerw :: On 3 Apr 12:10:23 am

ID:24579 :: Posted By: kieran :: On 1 Apr 11:21:32 pm

i think its epic enoth said
ID:24567 :: Posted By: asfa :: On 31 Mar 11:36:09 pm

ID:24552 :: Posted By: godfather :: On 31 Mar 12:06:34 am

ID:24503 :: Posted By: df :: On 25 Mar 12:15:42 pm

ID:24496 :: Posted By: Jnko :: On 24 Mar 10:15:55 am

ID:24483 :: Posted By: steefx :: On 22 Mar 1:49:16 pm

ID:24463 :: Posted By: meisi :: On 20 Mar 9:40:13 am

ID:24449 :: Posted By: dax :: On 19 Mar 8:36:34 pm

ID:24429 :: Posted By: nyr :: On 16 Mar 12:01:53 pm

good game
ID:24411 :: Posted By: jkюэhfhюgюhsa :: On 14 Mar 7:44:20 pm

ID:24370 :: Posted By: cdafg :: On 10 Mar 3:42:34 pm

ID:24330 :: Posted By: omertaaa :: On 4 Mar 11:16:36 pm

ID:24256 :: Posted By: adafafxvxbxbvewrwthjyrt :: On 24 Feb 5:22:40 pm

ID:24233 :: Posted By: hjj :: On 20 Feb 10:56:39 pm

great game
ID:24207 :: Posted By: af :: On 16 Feb 1:58:48 pm

ID:24160 :: Posted By: nastenka14 :: On 12 Feb 10:11:56 am

ID:24145 :: Posted By: bb :: On 11 Feb 9:39:33 pm

ID:24112 :: Posted By: Gurasteia :: On 8 Feb 7:23:51 pm

The Best of mafias games :)
ID:24079 :: Posted By: rzgr :: On 3 Feb 10:42:10 pm

ID:24069 :: Posted By: cbm :: On 1 Feb 1:54:53 pm

ID:24043 :: Posted By: asd :: On 30 Jan 2:53:57 am

ID:24017 :: Posted By: omerta :: On 29 Jan 12:21:14 am

vote for omerta
ID:23978 :: Posted By: Qowed :: On 26 Jan 12:53:35 am

ID:23926 :: Posted By: omerta :: On 19 Jan 11:00:33 am

10 points
ID:23885 :: Posted By: Sceamer :: On 15 Jan 1:09:04 pm

its ok, but kinda big:P
ID:23872 :: Posted By: john121 :: On 14 Jan 10:22:23 pm

like it
ID:23855 :: Posted By: Remon :: On 12 Jan 9:32:48 pm

nice game!
ID:23840 :: Posted By: 123 :: On 11 Jan 4:59:40 pm

great game
ID:23814 :: Posted By: .mц :: On 8 Jan 5:05:59 pm

nice game
ID:23767 :: Posted By: mert :: On 4 Jan 8:40:54 pm

ID:23745 :: Posted By: abc :: On 31 Dec 9:48:34 am

nice game
ID:23739 :: Posted By: Keith :: On 31 Dec 12:29:05 am

I think it sucks swcombine is better.
ID:23689 :: Posted By: naitik :: On 26 Dec 8:07:45 am

dear sir,
very god game
ID:23686 :: Posted By: rogue :: On 25 Dec 1:55:46 pm

cool game
ID:23670 :: Posted By: present :: On 22 Dec 12:37:32 pm

ID:23669 :: Posted By: NiceDude :: On 22 Dec 9:10:24 am

Nice game!!!
ID:23612 :: Posted By: abc :: On 15 Dec 12:55:32 pm

nice game
ID:23606 :: Posted By: cvc :: On 15 Dec 10:55:21 pm

ID:23534 :: Posted By: missdeluxe :: On 6 Dec 6:53:25 am

ID:23529 :: Posted By: fhe :: On 7 Dec 12:29:45 am

ID:23526 :: Posted By: abc :: On 5 Dec 12:31:19 pm

awesome game
ID:23456 :: Posted By: T :: On 28 Nov 9:33:15 am

gritty fly 4 a white guy
ID:23445 :: Posted By: Windhe :: On 27 Nov 11:01:21 am

ID:23429 :: Posted By: abc :: On 26 Nov 4:56:50 pm

nice playable game
ID:23426 :: Posted By: 1224 :: On 25 Nov 6:49:03 am

ID:23411 :: Posted By: Peris :: On 24 Nov 11:23:17 pm

Good one!!
ID:23403 :: Posted By: 1234567890 :: On 23 Nov 6:44:07 am

nice game
ID:23337 :: Posted By: abc :: On 16 Nov 11:03:48 am

nice game
ID:23321 :: Posted By: disoto :: On 15 Nov 6:24:23 pm

it's very good
ID:23314 :: Posted By: 123 :: On 14 Nov 3:55:34 am

ID:23269 :: Posted By: cv :: On 9 Nov 2:30:21 am

ID:23238 :: Posted By: mathew :: On 6 Nov 10:02:41 am

good game
ID:23225 :: Posted By: aap :: On 5 Nov 1:03:08 am

best game ever
ID:23222 :: Posted By: abc :: On 5 Nov 6:24:09 pm

good game
ID:23181 :: Posted By: Petitchou :: On 1 Nov 9:45:24 pm

ID:23156 :: Posted By: abc :: On 29 Oct 12:31:07 pm

nice game
ID:23143 :: Posted By: ICE_MAN :: On 28 Oct 1:19:43 am

ID:23108 :: Posted By: abc :: On 25 Oct 4:29:14 am

great game
ID:23094 :: Posted By: xico :: On 24 Oct 11:40:51 pm

nice game
ID:23060 :: Posted By: abc :: On 21 Oct 11:07:57 am

excellent game
ID:23033 :: Posted By: dmike :: On 21 Oct 12:57:45 am

ok i guess
ID:23026 :: Posted By: abc :: On 19 Oct 10:58:03 am

awsome game
ID:22981 :: Posted By: donbolle :: On 15 Oct 11:45:36 pm

super nice game..lot's a things to do
ID:22936 :: Posted By: nm :: On 12 Oct 3:05:04 pm

its kwl
ID:22913 :: Posted By: JUANITO :: On 9 Oct 9:35:44 am

ID:22910 :: Posted By: abc :: On 9 Oct 9:06:22 am

nice and playable game
ID:22866 :: Posted By: St :: On 5 Oct 2:05:24 pm

ID:22864 :: Posted By: Don Mafioso :: On 5 Oct 11:51:11 am

If the mafia themed style of play suits you then this is your game, but sadly anyone who is not a fan of the Godfather, Goodfellas, or Untouchables movies will not like this game much.
ID:22835 :: Posted By: abc :: On 3 Oct 7:39:40 am

nice game
ID:22822 :: Posted By: AlinutaDND :: On 2 Oct 9:31:26 am

ID:22813 :: Posted By: krpman :: On 2 Oct 12:47:02 am

good game
ID:22808 :: Posted By: ocece09 :: On 1 Oct 3:05:21 pm

je veux gagner le jacpot!!!
ID:22796 :: Posted By: aizensousuke00 :: On 30 Sep 8:36:10 pm

off da hook game best i seen off 09
ID:22795 :: Posted By: Donpatrick :: On 30 Sep 6:34:17 pm

ID:22792 :: Posted By: abc :: On 29 Sep 8:13:49 am

yay funnn
ID:22758 :: Posted By: abc :: On 27 Sep 7:23:39 pm

ID:22730 :: Posted By: abc :: On 24 Sep 9:05:42 am

very fu*king nice game!
ID:22717 :: Posted By: alalal :: On 23 Sep 11:44:24 am

ID:22715 :: Posted By: amyl :: On 23 Sep 7:18:12 am

nice game
ID:22706 :: Posted By: JUANITO :: On 22 Sep 7:34:59 am

ID:22698 :: Posted By: цmerfaruk :: On 22 Sep 7:31:30 pm

sьper oyun
ID:22688 :: Posted By: into :: On 21 Sep 8:23:25 am

awsome game!
ID:22683 :: Posted By: kibukre :: On 22 Sep 12:50:22 am

ID:22671 :: Posted By: sd :: On 20 Sep 11:49:06 pm

ID:22669 :: Posted By: rooroeowq :: On 20 Sep 9:33:54 pm

ID:22660 :: Posted By: krivi :: On 19 Sep 9:48:24 am

ID:22650 :: Posted By: Pucca :: On 18 Sep 7:29:08 am

ID:22629 :: Posted By: noni :: On 17 Sep 7:17:27 pm

ID:22623 :: Posted By: 123 :: On 16 Sep 9:49:45 am

good game
ID:22575 :: Posted By: Corbenik :: On 14 Sep 1:21:34 am

Um jogo dahorinha falando sobre a mafia e meio estilo thecrims
ID:22564 :: Posted By: asd :: On 13 Sep 4:52:26 pm

bom jogo
ID:22561 :: Posted By: panion :: On 12 Sep 1:56:21 pm

ID:22549 :: Posted By: mescarine :: On 11 Sep 2:23:00 pm

ID:22537 :: Posted By: Adri :: On 11 Sep 5:16:00 pm

ID:22524 :: Posted By: bьюra :: On 9 Sep 2:27:49 pm

ID:22516 :: Posted By: v :: On 9 Sep 6:06:05 pm

ID:22476 :: Posted By: awsome :: On 6 Sep 11:30:30 pm

ID:22471 :: Posted By: saltor :: On 5 Sep 10:03:16 am

ID:22466 :: Posted By: abc :: On 4 Sep 12:03:27 pm

awsome game
ID:22461 :: Posted By: sartura :: On 4 Sep 10:23:55 pm

vote omerta
ID:22454 :: Posted By: bert :: On 3 Sep 1:05:26 pm

ID:22439 :: Posted By: Rippernick :: On 2 Sep 1:21:59 am

Great promissing smooth looking game !
ID:22437 :: Posted By: panion :: On 2 Sep 11:29:22 pm

wonderfull game absuletly advising by me for pc monster
ID:22430 :: Posted By: asdfg :: On 1 Sep 1:13:49 pm

an awsome game and a good site
ID:22405 :: Posted By: fdgd :: On 26 Aug 12:40:01 pm

ID:22361 :: Posted By: spiderboy :: On 13 Aug 9:26:01 pm

ID:22358 :: Posted By: asdfg :: On 13 Aug 4:46:32 pm

ID:22356 :: Posted By: moonmaker :: On 13 Aug 4:02:34 pm

vote omerta
ID:22355 :: Posted By: mee :: On 12 Aug 2:05:58 pm

the best RPG game ever .
ID:22352 :: Posted By: Omerta :: On 12 Aug 9:56:35 am

ID:22344 :: Posted By: murtaza :: On 12 Aug 4:08:24 am

ID:22336 :: Posted By: adf :: On 12 Aug 6:01:07 pm

ID:22333 :: Posted By: spiderboy :: On 11 Aug 1:09:19 pm

i love this game :P
ID:22330 :: Posted By: qwe :: On 11 Aug 8:54:38 am

ID:22315 :: Posted By: asd :: On 11 Aug 4:24:11 pm

ID:22312 :: Posted By: spiderboy :: On 10 Aug 12:54:39 pm

ID:22299 :: Posted By: spiderboy :: On 9 Aug 5:48:00 pm

ID:22291 :: Posted By: William Callaars :: On 8 Aug 2:56:55 am

most imba game there is (dont get hooked ;))
ID:22285 :: Posted By: Mossom :: On 8 Aug 4:41:03 pm

ID:22284 :: Posted By: spiderboy :: On 8 Aug 4:33:42 pm

ID:22263 :: Posted By: spiderboy :: On 6 Aug 8:34:22 pm

ID:22249 :: Posted By: 69 :: On 5 Aug 10:05:53 am

ID:22246 :: Posted By: Brandon :: On 5 Aug 4:19:27 am

I think it was a great games.
ID:22242 :: Posted By: mart :: On 5 Aug 1:23:23 am

ID:22237 :: Posted By: spiderboy :: On 5 Aug 4:49:55 pm

ID:22236 :: Posted By: ASD :: On 5 Aug 3:58:09 pm

ID:22228 :: Posted By: pukkie :: On 3 Aug 2:57:14 pm

ID:22216 :: Posted By: spiderboy :: On 3 Aug 7:59:35 am

perfect game
ID:22206 :: Posted By: fred :: On 3 Aug 9:10:07 pm

Best mafia game ever
ID:22205 :: Posted By: asd :: On 3 Aug 5:13:07 pm

ID:22193 :: Posted By: onlyone :: On 2 Aug 7:42:40 pm

ID:22186 :: Posted By: Madgirl :: On 1 Aug 5:51:16 am

really a nice game!!
ID:22177 :: Posted By: milan :: On 1 Aug 8:25:50 pm

ID:22172 :: Posted By: spiderboy :: On 1 Aug 3:24:12 pm

best game
ID:22169 :: Posted By: riesjuh :: On 31 Jul 9:03:09 am

good game
ID:22159 :: Posted By: hiden :: On 31 Jul 4:25:47 pm

e milane aj mi aj da uradimo veceras hejst na omerti :D
ID:22156 :: Posted By: spiderboy :: On 30 Jul 12:25:21 pm

best game
ID:22155 :: Posted By: 315976428 :: On 30 Jul 8:36:40 am

very good
ID:22118 :: Posted By: hombre :: On 28 Jul 8:09:36 pm

best there is
ID:22102 :: Posted By: anakin :: On 27 Jul 9:24:31 am

the best game
ID:22084 :: Posted By: falingangel :: On 26 Jul 1:04:20 pm

ID:22082 :: Posted By: spiderboy :: On 26 Jul 11:06:06 am

ID:22080 :: Posted By: JMN :: On 26 Jul 9:18:51 am

ID:22072 :: Posted By: piui :: On 25 Jul 10:00:05 am

ID:22063 :: Posted By: pier :: On 24 Jul 7:51:30 pm

ID:22048 :: Posted By: QDPQDP :: On 23 Jul 3:06:46 pm

ID:22045 :: Posted By: sdaf :: On 22 Jul 9:56:54 am

nice game
ID:22031 :: Posted By: redbwoy :: On 21 Jul 1:30:59 pm

free mafia rocks
ID:22029 :: Posted By: silentstalker :: On 21 Jul 9:36:56 am

Absolutely rubbish game. played this and second one on list conquerclub, either end of the spectrum you get bored to shit on this
ID:22021 :: Posted By: deval :: On 21 Jul 1:25:38 am

ID:22016 :: Posted By: hilltop :: On 21 Jul 10:50:14 pm

tried for a couple days,boreing,dull regreted signing up.
ID:21985 :: Posted By: mrt :: On 20 Jul 8:00:31 am

omerta rules
ID:21955 :: Posted By: OmertaSucks :: On 19 Jul 2:06:20 pm

If you like cock you will like this game!
ID:21916 :: Posted By: kralveben :: On 19 Jul 3:24:40 pm

real cool
ID:21899 :: Posted By: nuker :: On 18 Jul 6:02:01 am

nice game
ID:21898 :: Posted By: saxitoxin(I prefer sexerection) :: On 18 Jul 5:46:13 am

This game is lame. It sucks more cock than a cheap prostitute. It can suck a golfball through a 30 foot hose. This game is only for dick sucking whores. I do love me some good cock tho. Thanks, sacsarubbin!
ID:21897 :: Posted By: Martin Ronne :: On 18 Jul 5:35:29 am

This fucking game can go fuck a fucking tree. I mean, this peace of shit sucks so bad, it ought to be called Osucta!! I hope it gets shut down!
ID:21889 :: Posted By: FunBags2 :: On 18 Jul 1:49:28 am

Why does this game get so many votes? It's balls!
ID:21857 :: Posted By: lolzdoolz :: On 18 Jul 4:01:36 pm

this game sux kak
ID:21850 :: Posted By: FunBags :: On 17 Jul 1:19:10 pm

I have more fun trying to squeeze out something to flush down the toilet.
ID:21744 :: Posted By: bicska :: On 16 Jul 6:51:58 pm

pure pwnz0r game

old omerta ranker ;) (4years+)
ID:21743 :: Posted By: death :: On 16 Jul 6:48:26 pm

ID:21712 :: Posted By: a :: On 15 Jul 8:29:08 pm

I don't get the game. it's seems so pointless...
ID:21685 :: Posted By: Bored :: On 14 Jul 11:05:00 pm

It is very boring. Ever since I joined.... I thought to myself... boring.
ID:21671 :: Posted By: Deniz :: On 14 Jul 3:46:25 pm

Its an amazing game, i've been playing for many versions now. The competition gets tougher and harder, but it is amazing to think you will get there, and be proud you have an amazing account.
ID:21667 :: Posted By: santaluz :: On 13 Jul 1:46:52 pm

ID:21590 :: Posted By: adada :: On 11 Jul 2:44:35 pm

ID:21585 :: Posted By: Moonlighter :: On 11 Jul 11:11:09 am

Cool site
ID:21578 :: Posted By: campagner :: On 11 Jul 8:59:12 am

ID:21511 :: Posted By: nacatl :: On 10 Jul 11:49:10 am

exselenta game
ID:21507 :: Posted By: ibneumut :: On 10 Jul 10:27:45 am

iyi iyi oyun
ID:21486 :: Posted By: dsdds :: On 10 Jul 5:20:23 am

ID:21412 :: Posted By: Denicos :: On 10 Jul 7:50:57 pm

ID:21393 :: Posted By: Guardiangirl :: On 10 Jul 6:50:51 pm

cool game :)
ID:21363 :: Posted By: ll :: On 9 Jul 2:09:25 pm

ID:21231 :: Posted By: ardaaaa :: On 1 Jul 4:09:17 am

ID:21022 :: Posted By: Sherif :: On 16 Jun 4:56:11 pm

This IS The Game
ID:20215 :: Posted By: wook :: On 29 Apr 2:50:42 pm

ID:20211 :: Posted By: bla :: On 29 Apr 12:09:57 pm

ID:19928 :: Posted By: tytou :: On 17 Apr 5:36:20 pm

ID:19797 :: Posted By: Michael Hickman1@yahoo.com :: On 12 Apr 5:34:12 pm

Ok needs to work on herself by into my heart.She screwed up bed!Doesnt think b4 she acts
ID:19779 :: Posted By: fud :: On 10 Apr 11:37:19 am

ID:19496 :: Posted By: feem :: On 2 Apr 1:47:16 am

is a great game
ID:18801 :: Posted By: junglewolf :: On 24 Mar 6:41:28 am

cool fast paced
ID:18125 :: Posted By: DonUlrik :: On 16 Mar 12:49:13 am

Great Game!
ID:17867 :: Posted By: chybo :: On 12 Mar 2:19:01 pm

ID:17492 :: Posted By: mh :: On 8 Mar 8:16:20 am

the baddest game on the web check it out at this link

ID:17488 :: Posted By: fernando em :: On 8 Mar 2:34:09 am

i love battle dawn
ID:17448 :: Posted By: hooliwood :: On 8 Mar 10:04:25 pm

you you
ID:17177 :: Posted By: feem :: On 5 Mar 4:44:35 am

i surprise whit the game is very cool
ID:17175 :: Posted By: zach :: On 5 Mar 2:28:09 am

ID:16925 :: Posted By: cyle :: On 3 Mar 12:45:49 am

great just fun and addicting the beast
ID:16759 :: Posted By: Thm :: On 28 Feb 12:26:12 pm

Great Game
ID:16713 :: Posted By: jhghj :: On 27 Feb 10:48:48 am

ID:16551 :: Posted By: Rdot :: On 25 Feb 2:52:10 pm

Great game! I keep coming back for more!
ID:16434 :: Posted By: Brando :: On 24 Feb 5:19:14 pm

Tecknas socks ruck n rock
ID:16429 :: Posted By: fud :: On 24 Feb 3:35:05 pm

the best
ID:16409 :: Posted By: godiswoman :: On 23 Feb 1:03:30 am

best gm
ID:16403 :: Posted By: bulut :: On 22 Feb 2:27:42 pm

good game...
ID:16352 :: Posted By: bulut :: On 20 Feb 12:31:21 pm

good game...
ID:15952 :: Posted By: Thedrake :: On 12 Feb 2:43:06 pm

Best game ever.
ID:15950 :: Posted By: Apathy :: On 12 Feb 12:28:34 pm

Capo di tutti Capi
ID:15918 :: Posted By: gow :: On 12 Feb 6:49:21 pm

Best game i have ever seen
ID:15905 :: Posted By: Apathy :: On 11 Feb 10:46:44 am

Best game ever
ID:15832 :: Posted By: matzo :: On 11 Feb 10:07:38 pm

love it great game
ID:15800 :: Posted By: Apathy :: On 10 Feb 10:23:15 am

ID:15649 :: Posted By: Aps :: On 7 Feb 11:45:06 am

Perfect Game
ID:15635 :: Posted By: 6h7 :: On 7 Feb 3:55:44 pm

ID:15620 :: Posted By: basic07 :: On 6 Feb 5:20:50 am

really good game
ID:15540 :: Posted By: christian :: On 3 Feb 1:16:30 pm

ID:15532 :: Posted By: behenioth :: On 3 Feb 9:02:57 am

ID:15531 :: Posted By: Bored to Death :: On 3 Feb 8:57:40 am

Wow, this game got real boring, real quick. With so many options out there for mob games, I'd skip this one.
ID:15465 :: Posted By: Apathy :: On 1 Feb 9:12:39 pm

Best RPG game on hole net
ID:15179 :: Posted By: tudors :: On 19 Jan 5:56:33 pm

good game
ID:14893 :: Posted By: airsoftbwa :: On 7 Jan 2:59:08 am

good game
ID:14873 :: Posted By: 8e :: On 6 Jan 6:34:54 am

ID:14856 :: Posted By: sinacraft :: On 5 Jan 5:21:40 pm

best game ever
ID:14844 :: Posted By: wtr :: On 4 Jan 5:13:27 am

ID:14837 :: Posted By: Airsoftbwa :: On 4 Jan 1:01:57 am

This game needs more action
ID:14830 :: Posted By: airsoftbwa :: On 4 Jan 8:52:09 pm

ok game
ID:14797 :: Posted By: sincraft :: On 2 Jan 9:39:22 pm

best game ever
ID:14776 :: Posted By: orhan :: On 31 Dec 12:16:58 pm

en buyuk omerta mэю
ID:14744 :: Posted By: qr :: On 29 Dec 1:02:18 am

ID:14723 :: Posted By: rwj :: On 27 Dec 4:34:06 am

ID:14628 :: Posted By: hophop :: On 23 Dec 3:00:32 pm

ID:14553 :: Posted By: omerta :: On 19 Dec 4:36:55 pm

es way
ID:14129 :: Posted By: chima :: On 27 Nov 8:34:30 am

ID:14099 :: Posted By: unutt :: On 25 Nov 11:51:11 am

ID:14048 :: Posted By: Mhc :: On 22 Nov 11:25:51 am

This game is a really cool game join it and try it
ID:14002 :: Posted By: BOSSOFBOSSES :: On 20 Nov 5:21:28 am

ID:14001 :: Posted By: drej :: On 20 Nov 4:14:46 am

gratz omerta
ID:13897 :: Posted By: aque :: On 15 Nov 4:52:38 pm

ID:13896 :: Posted By: ef :: On 14 Nov 12:49:30 pm

ID:13856 :: Posted By: mattee :: On 12 Nov 11:47:56 am

nice game
ID:13828 :: Posted By: death coming :: On 11 Nov 10:10:56 pm

this is A sweet game
ID:13804 :: Posted By: rajhon :: On 9 Nov 12:03:14 pm

very good game
ID:13767 :: Posted By: ahmet :: On 8 Nov 8:31:24 pm

very good game omerta
ID:13709 :: Posted By: Gbruin :: On 5 Nov 4:41:06 pm

It's the best game.
ID:13598 :: Posted By: ppp :: On 30 Oct 10:15:48 am

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