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Domain of Heroes

Domain of Heroes: Domain of Heroes is a FREE browser-based MMORPG, designed to be played anywhere, anytime. Your character is semi-autonomous so you can easily play in the background while you work, study, or do other multi-tasking. No downloads, plug-ins or installation is required, so you can play on any computer with a browser and an internet connection.

Create your character from 30 races and 27 classes, employing over 150 skills. Whether you choose to be a werewolf chemist, dragon ninja, or dwarven pirate, you can aid one of the three factions on their quest for world domination, or you can roam the world and follow your own heroic storyline.

Millions of possible items can be equipped, or you can upgrade and forge your own. Start guilds, engage in PvP, play mini-games, gamble for treasure, and more.
Average Rating: 5.77/10.00
Number of Ratings: 13



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ID:57531 :: Posted By: Chyna :: On 4 Oct 8:20:10 am

i actually do this all the time, unbeknown to many many people. hah! (i have tried to describe it to a small handful of people before, but it mostly just comes across as very odd. things always seem to take on more validity once thy;1#82&7eve been written down though, eh? sucks.)[]
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