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Torn: When you start in Torn, you're just a newbie, with a lot of choices in front of you.

You play in Torn City, a place full of opportunities.

Torn is a long term game and it allows you to slowly build up your character, giving you unlimited choices.

You can do things like training courses, gambling, attacking other players, or just going to work every day. There's also a starters and global chat rooms where you can interact with other Torn City citizens and gain insights into the game.

Torn is an incredibly large game which gets more complex and more rewarding the longer you play.

While there is energy and nerve which get replenished over time, you can play the game non stop. It's just that you will have to wait some time to commit a crime or get more Gym training (useful for dealing with any baddies, or goodies for that matter).

Average Rating: 4.92/10.00
Number of Ratings: 12



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