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Clash of Avatars

Clash of Avatars : "Drawing on inspiration from anime and cosplay, accompanied by unusual and exotic companions and a wide array of loyal and ever increasing powerful equine ,avian and dragons mounts ,CoA is a game for players that are looking for fun ,entertainment and enjoyment in a game with a community spirit ,full of fun ,laughter and battle quests to share with friends and gaming family.
No game is complete without the chance to dance. Players can get funky ,break it down with K-pop, even show off their Gangnam style dance moves as they celebrate their victories with friends ,unite in a server wide dance fest or send a challenge to others to meet them in the arena and see who really is the best dancer.
Wanna see a gothic chick doing a K-pop dance, before riding off into battle on her trusted dragon with her cat by her side? Then come and join us at Clash of Avatars, throw down your dance moves and get ready for a good time.

Average Rating: 4.27/10.00
Number of Ratings: 15



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ID:56967 :: Posted By: Foge :: On 3 Feb 3:22:50 pm

I'm impressed! You've managed the almost <a href="http://jekagy.com">imlsosibpe.</a>
ID:56884 :: Posted By: Kaylan :: On 27 Jan 5:18:49 am

This aritlce is a home run, pure and simple!
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