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Corrupted Realmz

Corrupted Realmz: "TZD Games decided it was time to bring the traditional MUD game to a new level. Clans must battle for control of resource lands needed to make and improve their gear. As a single player you must embark on a story line quest of adventure. Mug other players to steal their valuable resources in PvP. Attack enemies to obtain resources and and fame in PvE. Beware of the constant attack of not only enemies but hordes that will attack your clan. Choose quests and gear wisely and hopefully find Epic Gear. Every choice you make is critical.
Average Rating: 5.20/10.00
Number of Ratings: 5



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ID:56335 :: Posted By: Charaf :: On 13 Dec 9:59:49 pm

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ID:56286 :: Posted By: Adilson :: On 12 Dec 8:21:41 am

Hi Sidney,The answer deepdns on how you are using the nude photographs and what in a proper way' means. The general and safe rule of thumb is that if you wouldn't see it on a family-friendly TV show (PG-13), then it probably is against our TOS.However, you always have the option of enabling Mature Content Mode on your forum which would then allow you to have mature content.
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