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Mafia Revolt

Mafia Revolt: New RPG Mafia Zombie miss match...lots of interesting features and plenty to keep you busy.
Average Rating: 5.06/10.00
Number of Ratings: 36



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ID:57822 :: Posted By: Chyna :: On 19 May 9:15:28 pm

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ID:57806 :: Posted By: Brendy :: On 18 May 7:55:29 pm

POSTED August 30, 2010 at 6:04 pmDave, I truly enjoy the level of reflection that you put towards the decisions you make. It&#8217;s clear your switch back to WordPress is as much phschiopoilal as it is technical. I hope the move frees you to continue in the directions you wish to go.
ID:57518 :: Posted By: Sarah :: On 19 Sep 8:11:51 pm

A great game with an awesome owner, which is a nice treat. The admin is always online,he knows what we want. I will be a Member for a very long time. Come and join you will not regret it. Simply love this game.

ID:54951 :: Posted By: Rakeshg :: On 14 Oct 11:08:30 pm

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ID:54872 :: Posted By: Pedro :: On 12 Oct 2:40:27 pm

I read your post and wished I'd wretitn it
ID:50844 :: Posted By: JohnnyGat :: On 13 Jul 10:06:15 pm

Great game Great Players Great Staff
ID:48312 :: Posted By: Daney :: On 21 May 8:14:40 pm

Great Game! Great Fun!
ID:42646 :: Posted By: Lady Elf :: On 16 Jul 12:43:23 am

Well thought out, entertaining.
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