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Technarhia: Steampunk Strategy MMO Game

Technarhia: Steampunk Strategy MMO Game: Technarhia is a Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game, set in the world of Steampunk, a Victorian-era setting with weird science, airships, politics and espionage. As such, Technarhia sits on the margins of contemporary science fiction. But rest assured that the great writers of the late XIX Century would have played this game! They would have gathered around their steam-powered, electricity-driven, scientifically-structured room-size gadgets and automatons and enjoyed for hours and hours daily. If only they had such a game available...

But as the History shows, the joy of Technarhia was lacking in those times. Luckily for you, the game is available now for your online enjoyment - it's completely free to play, and can give you immense fun whether you have minutes a day or hours to devote to it. With more devotion comes more possibilities, but you will not lack a single thing even if you play occasionally: the world of Technarhia has something for all kinds of players.

You play as Persona - something between a character, an individual, and a city - or Habitat as it's called in this game. You design, build and fly mighty airships; you scheme in your dark room at night, working out your devious espionage plans, sending agents on missions to weaken your opponents and hinder their progress, while you cooperate with like-minded players of the same political movement or inside your secret society called Faction. As your warships rain fire on your political enemies, your movement conquers territories, boosting your production and allowing you to build even better and more efficient Traits - the knowledge that gives bonuses to your in-game attributes.

But alas, Technarhia is not a game for weak-hearted airship captains! With progress and strengthening comes even more risk as you become preferred target of other players: getting in conflict with stronger opponent rises their Reputation among other players in the world, and higher Reputation gives even more bonuses and efficiency. Thus you work your way upwards in Technarhia, carefully picking your enemies and assuring good defense against new and ambitious captains who see you as target to hit to get their Reputation up! There's no rest neither for powerful players nor for newbies - Technarhia is a game of constant power-shifts and a test of your planning tactics and conflict strategy.

With these constant risks and changes Technarhia is the game that can get your emotions electrified - pushing you to avenge wrongdoings, plan ahead for months or simply let the day lead you where it desires: the ever-changing world opens the option for you to be a receiver or a starter - it's up to you to build up your stance and resist the contesters in their attempt to rise up to your glory and push you back to ground zero.

The clash of the opposites is another name for Technarhia - and clashes are everywhere.
Average Rating: 6.77/10.00
Number of Ratings: 30



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