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eRepublik DERP

eRepublik DERP: "The first massive online social strategy game! Attempt to create the greatest business empire in the eWorld! Or...become the greatest soldier in your nation! Or...become the Country President through shrewd political maneuvering! Anything is possible!
Average Rating: 6.83/10.00
Number of Ratings: 23



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ID:56345 :: Posted By: Raiizza :: On 13 Dec 10:00:56 pm

I'm so glad that the <a href="http://zbtyqersdf.com">innretet</a> allows free info like this!
ID:56306 :: Posted By: Zedane :: On 12 Dec 9:55:19 am

I think this was great advice and look forarwd to watching the discussion build. You're right in that doing the normal promos on the Yahoo loops for announcing the releases of my various books isn't necessarily the best way to do this. I do promo tweeting, too, Facebook mentions, etc. And I have a content heavy website because of all the books published. I'm not going to change that, because it is sort of my personal library for anyone wanting to skim through my books and blurbs. But my main blog there needs to change.Deciding what to put on a blog is a huge decision. I'm not much on basically chitchatting and I never read blogs that are like that. I don't have that kind of free time. My publishers keep telling me to post articles that relate somehow to something within a particular book or series of books. I have done a little of that and those posts were fairly successful, in my opinion. I am going to make a schedule of blog posts on various subjects, focusing on one basic subject for two weeks or a month, aiming at blogging twice a week. Right now I'm still hosting usually two character interviews though May, but I think I will stop those after that. I want to focus on ME. Sharing research I've run across, my thoughts on various subjects related to my books, etc.I am also planning my 2013 marketing attack, using 2012 as a time of building up for that as well as promoting my books this year. I know exactly what conferences I want to attend next year: EPIC-Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition-in Portland March 14-16; Romantic Times Convention (the main romance readers event) May 1-5 in Kansas City; BlogHer August 1-3 in New York City. In knowing those events and what an author can do at them, I am working on creating/buying whatever bookmarks, giveaways, and more that I will need.So, like Gordon, I am relooking at what I have done so far marketing wise and concentrating on what new things to try. My biggest problem is that I have so many constant contracts/deadlines that I don't have a lot of free time for that. Yes, it's good to have those contracts, but if all I ever do is write and focus on getting each book published, I'm not really being fair to myself, those books, or my publishers.If only there were more usable hours in the days I'm finding that I'm pretty much brain dead in the evenings, so I allow myself to just have the TV on in the background and read.
ID:38912 :: Posted By: BC :: On 25 Nov 5:35:37 am

lots of great people
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