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Criminal Connection

Criminal Connection: New server of the popular Mafia themed game. Launched in 2016. Gameplay format was changed to bring more fun for the players. New game features. Join a mafia organization and advance in ranks to become Capo Crimini
Average Rating: 5.55/10.00
Number of Ratings: 29



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ID:57820 :: Posted By: Viney :: On 18 May 9:57:31 pm

Kalau template, saya pikir sih nggak ada penhgruanya.Yang pengaruh kalau ganti template itu adalah kode Google Analytics yang harus dipasang ulang.
ID:44054 :: Posted By: Peter :: On 19 Oct 7:41:48 am

This game, just a little over a year old has so many great features allowing you to do so much. You can attack or race other players, commit crimes, buy businesses and real estates, break players out of jail, and so much more. Furthermore, there is a nice sense of competition as we all compete for the monthly real cash prize, which is anybody’s game! Though competitive, there is a great community, all willing to help any new players if asked. This isn’t like all the other mafia games where you click and wait for your energy to refill, but this one has more “quality” and definitely very entertaining. Lastly, there is a very active group of staff members who are constantly entertaining other players ideas for improvement, as well as finding their own ways to make this even more enjoyable for everybody.
ID:42941 :: Posted By: MaccaDon :: On 25 Sep 12:15:01 am

So much different than other energy refill clicking mafia games. This one is sophisticated and entertaining. So many game features. Always something to do
ID:42438 :: Posted By: Edelkatzen :: On 7 May 10:23:44 pm

mau tanya nich...ada yg bilang reawrd dari mastery el saldado up 10% loot...apa bener??bisa tampilkan semua hasil mastery dari tiap episode??thanks...
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