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Battle Cards

Battle Cards: FEATURES:

Rating ladder system, 15 ranks
2 factions: Brotherhood and Cult
Realtime PvP via duels or match making
More than 100 animated cards (50 faction units)
Dozens of upgrades and artifacts
Weekly tournaments
Arena, private and server-wide chat
Social elements (gifts, invitations)
Anti-cheat system

Average Rating: 4.06/10.00
Number of Ratings: 16



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ID:42411 :: Posted By: Hani :: On 6 May 6:05:42 am

Ann Shoket and the editors of steeneven magazine published this guidebook for teen age girls to help them get their makeup, hair and even their nails done in a polished and appropriate manner by filling it with tips, techniques, big colorful photos and how-to steps. The five makeup vibes introduced in the book make perfect sense for girls to learn about the different ways to do hair and makeup including Girly, Glam, Classic, Edgy and Boho. There is a section highlighting several hairstyles such as waves and curls, braids and twists, sleek, ponytails, and updos. The last section of the book covers taking care of skin and nails. The book is filled with great photos, lots of easy to understand tips and it is written in a style that works for teenagers. While there are many recommendations for colors and shades, there are no product endorsements or recommendations. Parents can be comfortable with the way the book takes a conservative view for applying makeup and the hairstyles are also moderate versus purple spiked styles. The book would make a nice gift to any teenager starting to show an interest in makeup, skin care, nails and hairstyling.
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