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Greyhound Game

Greyhound Game: Welcome to Greyhound Game. This is a free multiplayer online in-depth kennel management game (PBBG) where players manage their cash and their dogs in an effort to increase their own wealth in the game. Players can buy, sell, train, feed, and breed their kennel of dogs. The game does not require any real money to play and welcomes players of all ages to claim their stake in our persistent world. The game is open ended, which means that there is no end date and players can play from season to season without worrying about losing anything.

Players start the game with room for a few dogs and a small amount of cash that players can use to buy dogs for their kennel or use to place wagers on dog races that are run throughout the day. If a player runs out of money they will able to easiliy reset their account so they can continue to play the game.
Average Rating: 3.36/10.00
Number of Ratings: 14



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ID:37878 :: Posted By: Adam :: On 18 Mar 5:40:05 pm

This game is new and still growing. The game seems fun and challenging.
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