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Many Suns

Many Suns: Mobile! Seeing the inevitable destruction of the empire your ancestors began the race to construct intergalactic colony ships. Your ship was launched before your home world was destroyed in the maelstrom. It contains all the knowledge for survival and conquest. Other factions and races from both galaxies came to the same conclusion. There was only one galaxy within reach.
Average Rating: 5.71/10.00
Number of Ratings: 14



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ID:54941 :: Posted By: Twfik :: On 13 Oct 2:01:36 pm

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ID:54898 :: Posted By: Duryodhan :: On 13 Oct 4:04:32 pm

At this time, we're working dineigltly to improve and extend the existing product. Part of that work is to implement some features that users have offered to pay for. While not the sum and total of what we've got planned, we hope everyone can be patient as we begin to roll them out.
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