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dc universe private server

dc universe private server: DC Universe private servers - DC Universe related sites, top 100 dcu free servers, guide, forums
Average Rating: 5.67/10.00
Number of Ratings: 12



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ID:54929 :: Posted By: Adam :: On 13 Oct 2:00:47 pm

It's really great that people are sharing this <a href="http://bvtzhanz.com">inaoomftirn.</a>
ID:54884 :: Posted By: Patman :: On 13 Oct 3:28:30 pm

That's odd, I (and presumably evroyene else playing) can ping that address fine. It sounds like your ISP or your government or someone is blocking access to that IP address. Or maybe they have an issue in their network which means it can't access that address. The server is hosted in Australia at a shared hosting service with multiple websites on the same IP address. Maybe one of these sites caused the entire IP address to be blocked? Unfortunately I can't do much to help you about that. You could use a VPN or proxy service or you could complain to your ISP that you can't access that website, but people from other countries can. Good luck!
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