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seal online server

seal online server: Seal online private servers - Seal related sites, top 100 Seal free servers, guide, forums
Average Rating: 2.59/10.00
Number of Ratings: 22



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ID:56486 :: Posted By: Bah :: On 26 Dec 4:56:05 pm

Sounds like a problem with your DNS<a href="http://pvvqvkqtp.com"> sverer</a> if it can't resolve the host. Try changing your DNS<a href="http://pvvqvkqtp.com"> sverer</a> to (Google's public DNS<a href="http://pvvqvkqtp.com"> sverer</a>). By default your router will usually be using your ISP's DNS<a href="http://pvvqvkqtp.com"> sverer</a>s, maybe they're having some problems at the moment? Another possibility is that something is blocking your access to our<a href="http://pvvqvkqtp.com"> sverer</a>, for example if you have a filtering service on your internet connection and our<a href="http://pvvqvkqtp.com"> sverer</a> was blocked by mistake.
ID:56464 :: Posted By: Vicky :: On 25 Dec 5:25:19 pm

Yes, it is really weird fiwalerl is disabled, also in router. I don't know much about that, but i have played many games like this, just i can't see any servers and other clients in my network also can't see any servers. My router gives the same ip address to all clients, but changes after reset, so my IP address is not static. Is it maybe problem because i didn't set Static ip address? Or, can you tell me if it's possible is there maybe html file(listed servers) downloaded from Kam Remake on my computer so I can check for it in files, before it is represented in game?
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