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tera online private servers

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Average Rating: 3.90/10.00
Number of Ratings: 31



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ID:56525 :: Posted By: Oscar :: On 28 Dec 7:04:07 am

A quest/task system would be good. Like if you do shetmoing, you get $$$ once done. Like killing so many mobs gives you this much money, but the challenge resets every 12h, so people would play on the server more so they know they can get the challenge beat and earn some moola!KEEP THE SERVER 100% LEGIT!!! NO /SPAWN!!! PLEASE!!! Also, add a thing that would let you spawn 1 animal for so much money? (A LARGE AMOUNT, $1000?) I see a lack of animals in the server.Have more events! Such as PvP contests, where players can earn stuff/money. Develop your own announcer plugin, so you can update it when you need it! It shows voting links, which will make people vote, and get the server rank up! I still do vote everyday, but this would be a nice reminder. AND, instead of /spawn, have spawns coords pop up in announcer so staff are not bugged as much with the question!Welp, Jake's head is empty now. LOL! -Jake http://jidoxfkctro.com [url=http://bidloopug.com]bidloopug[/url] [link=http://mfgirlzk.com]mfgirlzk[/link]
ID:56489 :: Posted By: Rosa :: On 26 Dec 4:56:10 pm

of course i have ideas. i have many. i will start with the <a href="http://ungylpkv.com">smllseat</a> and end with the biggest and best. please note that almost everything i suggest will most likely need some form of automated selling.First, just add a few fun things to blow money on, such as in various places set up a dispenser that costs (X) amount of money to use. When used, it dispenses a random harmful or helpful potion. you can do the same thing with fireworks. nothing big, but just some fun game of chance to play when you are in town. Another thing is maybe cut the output of cards by one half, or maybe as much as one tenth. since cards seems to be the main income source this would mainly decrease inflation, and make having 10,000$ not seem so obsolete. This does NOT help with the people who already have millions upon millions though .And finally, probably my best idea, set up a battle arena in town. This will attract more people to town, and help them spend some of their cash. In the battle arena, you would enter one of multiple caged pens, then pay money to press a button that would dispense multiple mobs (types and amounts depend on what cage you are in) to be fought by the player or players that are in the cage. An alternative is maybe pay money to open the gate to the cage and spawn mobs at the same time the method of spawning is up for discussion .. Anyway, the price would depend on the mobs. Also, the Player would win all the XP, items, and possibly MCMMO XP that he earned.That is all my ideas for now. i hope you consider them and i hope they help
ID:56468 :: Posted By: Danndy :: On 25 Dec 5:43:14 pm

Having played this game and maxed out a cearacthr, I have to say that in the combat game-play category this game scores the highest among its competitors. There is no tabbing of targets, and you have to aim for all of your attacks (well, there are some lock on skills, but most skills) This makes the game very skill-based and a lot of hardcore gamers might like this style of combat.However there seems to be a lack of pvp .despite this amazing combat system. Even when it is on the PvP servers, there is a lack of pvp. Maybe they should have wars like they have in Perfect World International instead of random pvp groups that just kill players grinding, where it is never a fair fight and it gets old after awhile.
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