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Interstellar War

Interstellar War: 2D space and war based game where players get to build and manage their own empire. Players can also join factions with other players and fight alongside their faction in wars.
Average Rating: 6.04/10.00
Number of Ratings: 26



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ID:57689 :: Posted By: Dorothy :: On 2 Jan 7:37:06 am

Very valid, pithy, <a href="http://xkfygzqzjvv.com">sutnccic,</a> and on point. WD.
ID:57669 :: Posted By: Della :: On 31 Dec 2:43:39 pm

- Caps? &#8211; Check. Anger &#8211; Check. Thtnereniag to block people &#8211; Check. Fifth grade writing level &#8211; check. Looks like we&#8217;ve got ourselves a ten year old.
ID:37212 :: Posted By: Dukster :: On 5 Oct 10:08:30 pm

A good game. Getting better
War zones are set up so you can build your empire
And not have to completely worry about being totally
Destroyed. But. Wars between players or faction can happen at any time.
Turn based. Limited chat but overall it it one of
The better games. One u can relax and play or
Get addicted. Try it
ID:37173 :: Posted By: Jean Lafitte :: On 25 Sep 1:24:07 am

A very good turn based war game that all levels can play. Come and build your empire or take someone else's.
ID:36839 :: Posted By: Starraider :: On 15 Jul 6:34:16 pm

The best online space strategy war game. Fun. addicting, and turn-based...you don't have to log constantly to be competitive, or have a fair game with older players.
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