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Cantr II

Cantr II: Cantr II is a multi-user, online, mostly text- and webbased simulation game whereby the whole social world is developed by the players. There is no prewritten history, no fixed economic or political system, no programmed money or predefined roles. You decide what your character is like and what his or her goals are like, and your challenge is to play your character consistently and reach the goals.

Most goals require cooperation - can you trust your fellow characters?

Your character will have limited information and will be dependent on all those characters around him or her, and yet you try to reach your goals, while playing your characters` personality consistently.
And all these characters together form one society, with powerful people and powerless ones, with different economic, political and military structures. Peaceful cities and imperialistic ones. Wealthy and poor ones.

The history is not written by the gamemaster, but over time, history is being written by all these characters together.

The game has been running for over two years now, and there is a common experience: a bit hard to get into, for a few days, but once you`re involved ...

The game is free and run by volunteers, the game is in permanent development, the game is unique for as far as I know, and the game can be played in several languages.
Average Rating: 9.06/10.00
Number of Ratings: 372



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ID:58073 :: Posted By: Pepe :: On 28 May 3:27:10 am

Juego de simulación social donde puedes hacer prácticamente lo que quieras
ID:42670 :: Posted By: Seko :: On 13 Aug 5:01:47 am

Since this site doesn't log which year a review was added, I can't remember when I submitted my previous review but actually the size of the playerbase has remained about the same for the last three years. The lowest was 730 people, while the average remains around 800. The game has gradually gotten more complicated, which may have scared off some players who don't like to micromanage things.

It's now 2014. I've been playing for ten years. When I started, there were no skills, all characters were equal save for their equipment. Massacres were rather common. There were no radios so news traveled slowly, if at all. Most characters had no clothes. Most characters only had a map of their home island and no knowledge of the rest of the world. Scroll forward 180 game years. Cantrians have finally started to learn how to domesticate animals, so it's no longer necessary to kill an animal to acquire milk or wool. Radios are commonplace, even appearing on some of the primitive islands. Characters can customize their appearance and that of their clothes and shields. It's no longer necessary to kill someone to get their stuff, because the victim drops everything (save for worn clothes) when they land in near death state, so you actually have to make a choice to finish someone off, you can't kill someone accidentally anymore. Most of the world has been mapped. Occasionally exotic resources such as rubies, emeralds and pearls are brought to the old islands by sailors. Also there are currently more Polish characters than English ones. I'd say Cantr could use more players who can play in English, no matter what their native language is.
ID:35539 :: Posted By: Seko :: On 5 Dec 3:13:39 pm

If somebody can't figure out how to access their characters, you're supposed to click on the icon in front of the name. If you don't have any characters, you can create one by clicking on the smiley face icon.

I've been playing since 2004 but recently the game has been pretty lame since a lot of people my characters used to know have died or gone inactive. It could seriously use some fresh blood. There are only a bit over 800 players when during the golden days, there were over 2000. The lowest recorded was 790 or something. The best part is interacting with other people's characters but many of my characters are getting very little interaction, even my favorite ones.
ID:35371 :: Posted By: Anecdotal :: On 27 Nov 2:30:34 am

I'm truly enjoying this game. Much more fun then watching a story unfold, since my characters are in the action and I can be part of the story. Takes a bit to learn and get involved then you'll never want to leave.
ID:35073 :: Posted By: Theda :: On 13 Nov 9:30:24 pm

The best game... ever.
ID:24298 :: Posted By: KVZ :: On 28 Feb 6:37:28 pm

Cantr rulez!
ID:1702 :: Posted By: Wolf :: On 14 Oct 6:19:30 am

Played it in the past - briefly, because my characters were killed before I could even beg for "my" lives.
After a few months I returned, signed up again... lasted a bit longer but got killed again on all my characters.
Left again, last week or so I returned again, and for the first time a few of my characters met some friendly folks and places where they can live.
And they do live... imagination has only a few rule-based limits in this awesome game.
ID:328 :: Posted By: Jondalar :: On 16 Oct 9:14:06 pm

I have registred and created a character, but I can't find either the character or where to play.
All I get is a whole lot af ad pages, messages and options to vote.
Why would I vote for a game I cannot play?
ID:324 :: Posted By: Jon (Nitefyre) :: On 15 Oct 10:10:28 am

Damnit, what the hell have you all been wasting your time reading our comments for? Go join, now. And then read our comments. The possibilites are endless, just be patient.
ID:295 :: Posted By: AzTeK :: On 11 Oct 3:30:44 am

It's really an amazing game, with endless posibilities allowing you to really do ANYTHING you ever dreamed of. The sign-up process fast done fast and as in any game this complex it takes some time (around 2 weeks for me) to get into it and really start enjoying it, but trust me, those 2 weeks of wondering where more than worth it! Try it out!
ID:200 :: Posted By: GoD: Ares :: On 4 Oct 11:13:17 pm

First of all, this game is text based, which can definally NOT compare with graal,
but that doesnt stop me from playing, since some other good games I played are text based,
But it takes at least a week or two after the sign up until you are actually IN.
And then i checked the game, nothing special really, something you can play in other games. A waste of time :/
ID:184 :: Posted By: Matthew :: On 3 Oct 12:22:32 pm

Well, i've been playing Cantr II for quite a while and it is a very good game. Iv'e tried Grall and other things, but much of them are pay to play games, and cantr is a free game that you can save your character. My few favorite characters would be Zach Pyrite, Devon Dobbs, Zyphor Lephronis, Matthew Kliot, Val Hendricks, David Hallaway, and Mike Nightfly. One very good thing about Cantr II is that you can have up to 15 differant players, but yet don't say anythinng to your other players that you own, or help them out, or you will be contacted.

Player of Cantr II
ID:83 :: Posted By: Judith :: On 22 Sep 11:38:46 pm

One aspect that nobody mentioned so far is that Cantr is also a great way of practising your foreign languages. For each new character you create, you can choose to have him grow up in a purely Dutch, Esperanto, French, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish or Swedish region, in addition to the English one, of course. That character will have to speak only the language of his birthplace, unless he learns another language in-game. Even the game interface is mostly in that language then. So it is kind of like a complete immersion program for you as the player.
Ever since one of my characters leads a musketeer-like band in the French region, my knowledge of French has increased by leaps and bounds!
ID:60 :: Posted By: Kev :: On 17 Sep 2:24:51 am

Cantr is something very special. I found the site nearly 2 years ago and have never regretted joining it.
For me, the best quality is the total freedom involved in playing and developing the characters. It requires a little patience at the start to get familiar to the pace of the game, but then rapidly becomes VERY addictive.
There are no npc’s. Everything that happens in game is dependent upon the actions and decisions of your characters, and interaction with others.
If you enjoy role playing at any level this game is definitely worth checking out.
ID:35 :: Posted By: onehempcat.com :: On 16 Sep 10:20:57 pm

Awsome game, that you will need time for. But once set up, you can go for a long time without needing to play much.

But no other game on the internet comes even close to the genius of this game.
ID:33 :: Posted By: Choroni :: On 16 Sep 7:31:27 pm

Cantr is alright except that it's text-based
ID:32 :: Posted By: Genevieve :: On 16 Sep 4:26:50 pm

I love this game. I keep thinking I don't have time for it, but then I keep making time because it is so much fun. You can be anyone you want in this game, from a bottom-dwelling anarchist to an Emperor, from a Priest to a villan, from a playwrite to a farmer. It's all possible.

That's what I love about this game! All of my characters are in different places and all have a unique set of circumstances which have shaped them. I've got a baker, a Councilor, a clan-member, a colonist, and a warrior. They aren't perfect, but they are all unique!
ID:31 :: Posted By: InsaneIrony :: On 15 Sep 12:25:13 pm

This game is the coolest I have ever played. I've been playing it about a year. Other games I usually forget about or get bored of after time, but Cantr is always changing, theres always something happening, beit a war or election, or marriage... You can be whoever, whatever you want to be. A farmer, a fool, a leader, a follower... Watching the most rugged areas become tamed over time... Its a fun game.
ID:30 :: Posted By: west :: On 15 Sep 12:16:28 pm

Simply the best game I've ever played...I've been playing for over 2 years--that's over 75% of game time, and the extent to which everything has changed in that time is incredible. Whole Empires have risen and fallen, towns have gone from backwoods to urban centers, rulers, heroes and murderers have become legend before my eyes. It's phenomenal.

As a sociology student, I begin to see even more realms of complexity and interaction within the cantr world, and as a cantr player, my knowledge of sociology has increased.

It's fun to use learning for good.
...or evil.

It's all up to you.
ID:29 :: Posted By: The Industriallist :: On 15 Sep 10:16:20 am

I've never seen a web-game worth playing other than Cantr II, and I've been looking. The basic game design is unlike other online RPGs, resulting in characters who actually act something like real people.

The commitment is very scalable, too. At one point, I could only find time to log in once a day, at most. That worked fine. Now I log in 5 or more times a day, and I would log in even more often if I didn't have to sleep at night.

Most mportant points not mentioned in the summary:
NO LEVELING! This is a good thing.
Your characters go on in-game exactly the same way whether you are logged in or not. The combat system means that you probably won't be attacked and killed between log-ins, though.
COROLLARY: chances are good that your first log-in will be really boring because the other people at the same location won't be logged in. Don't let that stop you.
ID:27 :: Posted By: Nick :: On 15 Sep 9:20:51 pm

Best game ever, simply.
Its so unique, I cant think of a game that even comes close to getting you as involved as this game does. Wars, businesses, marriages, theif chasing, its all part of the game. There are a wide variety of governmments formed for different reasons in different regions.
ID:25 :: Posted By: Dakkon BlackBlade :: On 14 Sep 10:14:18 am

I have been a player of Cantr II for almost 6 months now. I am hopelessly addicted. I enjoy all the comical things that happen in Cantr and playing the chivalrous man who rides into the night after the thief. As a player I notice that your characters can cause you much worry while your AFK...

Dakkon Blackblade,
Sheriff and Productions manager
Akypor Forest (North)
ID:16 :: Posted By: Josephine :: On 13 Sep 2:15:58 am

What I like best is the interactivity with the fellow characters. What will be their reaction to your action? Playing gets extremely funny when abnormals things happen: at night a thieve arrives and steels eveything there is to steel. Then he sails away on his ship. At dawn the citizens see what has happened and all armed men sail after him. It must be great playing the thief or other bad characters, and although your own character gets hurt because of them, you (as player) are both frustrated and amused about the things other players do with their characters.
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