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Space Conquest

Space Conquest: You shall now embark upon intergalactic warfare unlike any other! You can choose to attack any empire in the universe to conquer and dominate. It is all about strategy in this universe of ours, only those who have a superior intelect and a strategic mind of a battle hardened warlord will succeed. You can choose to be honourable and defend those other empires in your federation with all your power and avenge any attacks against them. Or you can conspire against them and betray their trust creating the battle to end all battles! Do you think you have what it takes to rule the universe? Do you possess enough skill in a world of strategi? Or will you fall never to rise from the ashes of your ruined empire?
The choice is up to you........

Text/Browser based, Computer moderated, Strategy, Close-ended, Multiplayer, Tick based(1 Action Points/10 minutes).
Average Rating: 8.73/10.00
Number of Ratings: 165



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ID:1847 :: Posted By: okp :: On 25 Nov 4:25:51 pm

good game
ID:1570 :: Posted By: Abyssoft :: On 3 Sep 1:37:13 pm

Great Game, Complex, Nice Group of people
ID:722 :: Posted By: Marcus :: On 20 Dec 5:50:59 pm

great game, as simple as that
ID:20 :: Posted By: Lothor :: On 13 Sep 2:38:57 pm

Great game. kept me playing for almost a year. most addictive game i've ever seen. chalanging. great community.
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