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GangWar: In a post apocalyptic age, humanity struggles for survival. Amongst the ashes of your city, you have risen as a promising young warlord, but do you have what it takes to make your gang the best? Lead your gang to glory by expanding your territory, exploring pre-war areas and military bases, and testing your metal against other warlords just like you. Can you go it alone, or will alliances with other players pave your way to glory? You will only know if you accept the challenge!

Text/Browser based, Computer moderated, Strategy, Close-ended, Multiplayer, Tick based(100 Action Points/day).
Average Rating: 7.14/10.00
Number of Ratings: 49



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ID:36890 :: Posted By: Dave :: On 1 Aug 7:25:37 pm

Slow to get started, but once it does, and your gang builds up, you are waiting for the daily boost...
Worth a try. The more players, the better it gets.
ID:2323 :: Posted By: MKLK :: On 18 Mar 9:51:51 am

ID:1558 :: Posted By: BDA boys :: On 28 Aug 9:20:29 am

I have only been playing for about a month now but I find it to be an entertaining game and like the fact that you have to think and form alliances to survive. Is a good game for both the avg want to have fun person to the serious gamer that wants o own the world.
ID:533 :: Posted By: other gamer :: On 30 Oct 3:31:50 am

i rate this game at a 1 for the way they try to bring in people, they go to other games, make an account then spamm all the messaged boards, about 200 times in each board
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